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Bad sector is one of the biggest threats to hard disk and the data inside. Even new hard disks from trustworthy brands and sources could come with defects, let alone to say if your internal or external hard drive has served you over years. Don’t be surprised when you realize that your PC is running slow or with errors, like blue screen and random crash. They are just saying it is time to check and repair bad sectors on your hard disks.

The sectors are reallocated when the hard drive gets errors while writing, reading, or verifying data. The data is then moved to the spare sectors of the disk. This part of the hard drive operation prevents corruption and data loss. The Bad Sectors. A hard drive reallocated sector count or a drive with several bad sectors causes corruption. How to check your hdd health, Bad sectors and lot of other things that happening with your hard drive. Download link: PL.

This method works on both internal and external storage (hard disk drive or flash drive). Furthermore, you can repair the startup disk by using the file system check function. In this article, we describe the methods available to check drive health status and attempt to repair bad sectors and other issues. Table of Contents: Introduction. Check out: 5 Reasons Of Hard Disk Failure And Signs Of Hard disk Failure. No data can be written or read from a damaged sector, as the operating system marks that sector as unusable. If unattended, over time the number of Bad sectors increases, and your system.

Why You Need to Fix Hard Disk Bad Sectors

Bad sectors are usually caused due to the overloading of system files, or virus and spyware which creates troubles for the hard drive. This issue has evolved out to be a big nightmare for owners of computer or external hard drive.

The bad sectors of hard drive are responsible for the low-level performance and overheating issues for the PC because it is very hard to read the data from a corrupted hard drive with bad sectors in it. Some users have also reported that they are facing the issue of Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) error in their PC. This is really annoying and irritating for the users because they can even lose their whole data if those bad sectors present in the hard drive is not removed.

If your hard drive bears any physical damage, then for a complete solution of this issue, you need to replace the whole hard drive with a new one after backing up of data present in the previous hard drive.

Troubleshoot Hard Disk Issue Manually

There is an in-built disk check & repair tool in Windows 10/8/7. But that tool is only capable of recovering data up to some extent. At any point of time, if you feel that your PC is creating some real issues with the performance, then you have to check the whole hard drive instantly.

  • Open This PC on Windows 10.
  • Right click on the partition that may have bad sectors. If you’re not sure, just repeat the steps on each partition one by one.
  • Choose Properties on the right-click menu, then navigate to Tools tab.
  • Deploy hard disk checking and repairing on Error checking and Optimize and defragment drive.

The in-built tool is quite handy, but more often than not it can only boost computer performance slightly. If the issues are not resolved by your PC itself, then you are supposed to take the help of external software which will help you out in this task.

We have prepared a list of top 7 freeware which will help you check and repair your hard drive effectively. Compatibility may be an issue with a particular freeware, but we assure you that all of them are really very good to resolve this big issue. So, let’s have a quick look on all of them.

Important: Repairing bad sectors with the following tools will remove the data stored on the bad sectors. You’re highly suggested use Jihosoft File Recovery to recover data from hard disk drive that are missing or inaccessible before trying any of them.

Best 7 Bad Sector Repair Software for Free

1) Disk Genius

Disk Genius is one of the most popular hard disk management tools among IT professionals, but not everyone knows that it also features with bad sector checking and repairing functions. The feature is hidden in Disk menu on the top bar where you can see and open Verify Or Repair Bad Sectors.

Though it is just a sub-function, Disk Genius is still qualified as the top 1 free back sector check & repair tool. The conditions of hard disk sectors will be presented by blocks in various colors presenting a straightforward report, then you just need to click Repair button to start the automatic repairing of hard disk bad sectors.

2) Data Lifeguard Diagnostic by WD

This software tool is probably one of the best software you will find to check and repair WD hard drives. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, Data Lifeguard will help you out to check all the sectors of your hard drive. Whether it is good or bad sectors, it will detect all the issues and create a detailed report. You can analyze the full report and take necessary measures to avoid data loss or other accidents.

Data Lifeguard Diagnostic supports WD Blue SSHD, WD Blue, WD Green, WD Desktop performance, WD S25, WD Xe, WD Black, WD Black SSHD, WD VelociRaptor, WD Purple, WD Ae, WD Red, WD Red Pro and much more to be listed. Check on the official website if your hard disk is not on the list.

3) SeaTools by Seagate

This tool developed by Seagate is a diagnostic tool that helps users determine the condition of your hard disk drive. SeaTools is from the well-known company in the industry of hard disk manufacture, but it also supports some non-Seagate hard disks. This software can be used in both Windows and Mac.

The user-interface is up to date which makes the job of the users very easy. That’s why Seatools is a pro to check the bad sectors of hard disk. In the whole PC scan, it will check all the files and sectors of hard disk whether it is internal or external,

4) Check Disk

Check Disk by Paehl is another powerful tool which can detect and fix the bad sectors of hard disk with an ease. This software comes with multi-language support system and that’s why users from all around the world choose this software for their personal use. The only drawback of this software is that it is exclusively available for the Windows users and not for Mac users. Otherwise, it is so called beast in this section to check the bad sectors of hard drive.

The full disk scan check will never let an issue to be left undetected. That’s why the name Check Disk really suits this software for sure. Almost all types of hard disks are compatible with this software. You can easily check on the website of Check Disk whose link is given above.

5) HDD Scan

Almost every type of SSD and HHD are compatible with this awesome software tool which is only compatible with Windows operating system. All types of defected and bad sectors present on the hard drives are fixed by this software automatically. You just have to give the command to run the full PC scan and the scan reports will get displayed in front of you within a few minutes depending on the size of the hard drive. All the reports can be saved in MHT format in the PC for the analyzation. This software is also well capable of changing some of the HDD parameter to fix the issues. If you use this software on your PC, then you will hardly suffer from any bad sector of hard disk at all.

6) Macrorit Disk Scanner

The real-time whole disk scan available in this software scanner will let you to find all the issues regarding the bad sectors. You can also track the status of the running scan process in a pop-up window. And as like other software tools, this software will also let you to download the file of scan process on your PC. PCs running on Windows OS are compatible with this software and moreover, almost every type of HDD and SDD is supported. So, at least try this software once.

7) Abelssoft Check Drive

This is our last pick in this list but the results which you can extract from this software are very helpful for users. As like other software tools we have mentioned, this tool will also serve you in the best possible manner. The real-time hard disk scan will let you to analyze all the bad sectors of hard disk very easily. This software will surely provide you the easiest way in which you can resolve all the issues and bad sectors present in the hard drive of your PC. Abelssoft check drive software is available in both paid and free versions. So, it is up to you that which subscription do you want for your PC.


This article concludes that bad sectors present in the hard drives need to be fixed as soon as possible because the consequence can cost your whole data. These bad sector repair tools will definitely help you in this task in the right direction. If you use any other software which can replace the software present in this list, then please inform us in the comments section.

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Keeping you Mac's hard drive or SSD healthy is hugely important. By monitoring and checking your Mac hard drive's health, you can anticipate potential problems and prevent potentially catastrophic crashes. How do you know if your Mac is working properly?

Fortunately, there are a number of tools available that allow to to check the health of a drive and fix problems before they become serious.

Best Apps to Check Your Mac Hard Drive Health

Mac Os Check Disk For Bad Sectors

One of the best apps for alerting you to potential problems is iStat Menus, available in Setapp. Once you've installed it, iStatMenus sits in your Mac's menu bar and monitors not just your hard drive, but its CPU, RAM and network traffic, among other things.

iStat Menus, and the other disk monitoring tools available for macOS, monitor what is knows as SMART status. SMART stands for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology and is installed on most hard drives and SSDs. In order to use it, you need software to analyze and display what it finds, and that's where iStatMenus comes in. Check out how to clone mac hard drive.

Monitoring SMART reports won't prevent your hard drive from failing, but it will reduce the likelihood of problems occurring.

Note: As of 2016, Apple no longer allows software tools to check the SMART status of an SSD. So iStatMenus won't repot anything on Macs shipped in 2016 or later.

There are other steps you can take to keep your hard drive or SSD healthy. CleanMyMac X has a number of maintenance routines. While most of them are designed to keep your Mac running smoothly, one of them is an excellent way to keep your hard drive in good shape.

How to verify Startup disk

  1. Launch Setapp, search for CleanMyMac, and open it.
  2. When CleanMyMac has launched, look on the left hand side of its window for the Speed section and click Maintenance.
  3. Click the check box next to 'Repair Disk Permissions' to verify startup disk and then click the 'Run' button at the bottom of the window.
  4. Click OK in the dialog box that opens. Click 'Run' again. View the result

Identifying bad sectors with Disk Drill

Sectors are blocks of space on a disk drive and bad sectors are blocks that cannot be read because, for whatever reason, they're damaged. When Disk Drill attempts to recover data from a hard drive that's failed or one where you've mistakenly deleted files, it marks sectors it can't read from as bad. That means that it won't try to recover data from them in the future.

You can't fix bad sectors, the drive's firmware should identify them and prevent them from being written to. If there's data stored in them and you need to recover it, you're out of luck. But by monitoring how many of them there are on a drive, you can keep an eye on its health and decide whether it's time to replace it, if the number of bad sector starts to increase quickly.

Here's how to identify bad sector in Disk Drill:

  1. Open Disk Drill app in Setapp. When it launches, it will ask if you want to 'Monitor my disks for hardware issues'. Say Yes. If you already have Disk Drill installed but didn't check that option when you launched it the first time, go to the Preferences, click the SMART tab and check the box next to 'Monitor my disks for hardware issues.'
  2. Start a recovery session. In Disk Drill's main window, select the volume 'Macintosh HD', or whatever you've called your Mac's hard drive. Click Recover. Let the recover session run and complete.
  3. Check bad sectors. Once the recovery session has completed and saved, go back to the main Disk Drill window. Click the gear icon next to the drive you ran the recovery session on and click the bottom item on the menu 'Specify bad blocks.' This tool is designed to allow you to tell Disk Drill which blocks are bad and you don't want it to scan, but it will also display bad sectors it has identified.

How to avoid problems from an unhealthy hard drive

You should always backup your hard drive regularly, but it's even more important to do it when you suspect your hard drive is having problems. If you identify problems with a hard drive using any of the steps above, you should consider increasing the frequency of your backups and test them to make sure you can recover data if you need to – a backup routine is useless if you can't restore data. You should also consider using Get BackUp Pro to make a complete clone of the drive, that way, in an emergency you can boot from the clone and be back up and running immediately. Click here to read about how to backup your Mac. Get Backup Pro, also available in Setapp, is an excellent tool for making regular backups.

How to recover from a failed hard drive

If it's already too late and your hard drive has failed and lost data, you should try to recover the data before you do anything else.

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