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Download Free Download Manager for Mac - Download manager and accelerator that can handle HTTP, FTP, and BitTorrent protocols, while also being able to download YouTube content. DownThemAll!, Neat Download Manager for Mac, and Folx are probably your best bets out of the 9 options considered. 'Increase download speeds' is the primary reason people pick DownThemAll! Over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that. Free Download Manager for Mac. Windows macOS Android Linux. Stable release FDM 6.11.0 for macOS 10.12 or later Free Download 64-bit / 32.9 MB. (Internet Download Manager), but completely free! Don't overpay and don't use cracks - download FDM, an amazingly powerful and hassle-free tool. I use it professionally in different environments to.

V. Download Anything, Replay Anytime.


If you find any bug or you'd like an enhancement, before reporting here or here, please check if it's fixed in latest development build. Many thanks!

Main good news are:

  • Fixed breakage due to getter/setter definition changes in latest Firefox nightlies.
  • '[Middle Button Drag Down] gesture starts FlashGot downloads' checkbox in FlashGot Options window.
  • Bug fix: Link Chooser not properly honoring its 'Choose all items by default' checkbox (thanks BaptX for reporting).
  • Fixed built-in download manager not working on SeaMonkey 33 and above (thanks therube for report).
  • Fixed POST data being sent with preamble headers no recent browser versions (thanks MoSal for report and flashgot.user for patch).
  • New custom download manager argument placeholders, courtesy of flashgot.user's patch: 'RAWPOST' sends the raw POST upload data including its headers; 'HEADERS' sends just the POST data headers.
  • Added Folx 4 and 3 support as 'Folx' (legacy support is kept as 'Folx 2')
  • Support for 5 additional terminal emulators on Linux (konsole, lxterminal, urxvt, rxvt, xfce4-terminal, thanks Mathias Bauer for patch)
  • Fixed JDownloader 2 detection issue (thanks user).
  • Updated Youtube support (thanks user).
  • Graceful handling of invalid referrer URLs.
  • Support for full encryption on
  • Terminal windows attached to Linux/OS X download managers are now paused on completion with 'Press [ENTER] to exit...', unless you set the flashgot.term.autoClose about:config preference to a non-negative integer value, meaning the number of seconds to be waited before automatically closing.
  • Several FlashGot Media capturing improvements (thanks user for patches).
  • Customizable terminal/launcher for Linux/Mac OS X download managers: if a 'flashgot-term' script is found in $PATH it gets passed a 'FlashGot (number of links)' string as its first argument (to be used as the terminal title), followed by the actual executable with arguments.
  • Updated fr & pl localizations (thanks Jack Black and Teo)
  • More compatible and complete generic URL parameter redirector (grabs the 'real' final URLs from redirects and trackers).
  • Addresses of media content captured by FlashGot Media can be copied to the clipboard byright-clicking their menu entries (thanks GµårÐïåñ for RFE).
  • Updated (FKA preprocessing for batch direct link premium downloads(similar FlashGot-supported preprocessed file sharing services,,,,,,,,,
  • FlashGot Media toolbar icon placement can be customized also while no media is playing.
  • Added recent folders autocompletion support to built-in save path chooser; just focus the text field or type in it to have up to 10 recently used download paths to be looked up (thanks Scott Merrill for RFE)
  • Added suggested file name support for links diverted from the 'Save as' dialog.
  • Added private mode support when calling built-in download manager.
  • Further accuracy improvements in the Middle mouse button + drag south gesture, which triggers either FlashGot Link or FlashGot Selection, depending on the context (can be disabled by setting the flashgot.gestureabout:config preference to false).
  • Improved preprocessing for batch direct link downloads(similar FlashGot-supported preprocessed file sharing services,,,,,,,,,
  • Batch download support for (other already supported link protection/redirection services are,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Updated and enhanced batch download support for (other already supported link protection/redirection services are,,,,,,,,,, (WARNING: Feb 15 2009, the web site is infected, don't open without NoScript enabled),, and,
  • Download Studio support (trial download here).
  • Improved FlashGot Options FlashGot Media panel, to choose a distinct download manager for streaming media capture. Firefox's built-in download manager is recommended because it uses browser's cache whenever possible and supports name guessing, and it's set as the default for FlashGot Media on new installatios.
  • Windows visual download managers are fully supported on Linux and Mac OS X throughWine and Darwine (tested with FlashGet and Orbit Downloader on Ubuntu 8.0.4).You can enable or disable Wine support by setting the flashgot.useWineabout:configpreference to true or false.

More in the changelog...

FlashGot, the best Firefox download manager integration, has been honored in the May 2006 issue of PC World, the most widely-read computer or business magazine, as one of the '101 Fabulous Freebies'
'Each download or service on the list impressed the editors with its functionality and usability,” said Harry McCracken, VP/editor in chief of PC World. 'These are some of the most well-crafted services available – congratulations to FlashGot!'

Internet download manager mac os x 10.7

Are you tired of 'saving as...' one by one all those movies, music files, pictures, programs and so on?Are you sick of getting them sooo slowly? Are you afraid of losing them in the middle of download if you get disconnected or close your browser, being forced to repeat all that tedious work?
Well, you need a download manager...


But... Aaaargh!!! my download manager doesn't work withFirefox! They say it does, but where is my Download All menu? How can I handle the tons of mp3, mpeg, jpg files that I want to download?
Well, you definitely need...


FlashGot is the free add-on for Firefox andThunderbird, meant to handle single and massive ('all' and'selection') downloads with several external Download Managers.

  • for Windows(BitComet,Download Accelerator Plus,DownloadStudio,FlareGet,FlashGet,Free Download Manager,Fresh Download,GetRight,GigaGet, HiDownload,iGetter,InstantGet,Internet Download Accelerator,Internet Download Manager,JDownloader,LeechGet,Mass Downloader,Net Transport,NetXfer (Net Transport 2),NetAnts,Orbit,pyLoad,ReGet,Retriever*,Star Downloader,Thunder (Chinese only popular product),TrueDownloaderandUkrainian Download Master [Russian language only] ),uGet,WellGet, wxDFastXtreme Download Manager
  • for Linux / FreeBSD / other Unix-like OSes(Aria,Axel Download Accelerator,cURL,Downloader 4 X,FatRat,GNOME Gwget,FatRat,JDownloader,KDE KGet,pyLoad,SteadyFlow,uGet,wxDFast,Xtreme Download Manager).
    Many Windows-only download manager are supported on Linux through Wine!
  • for Mac OS X(Folx,iGetter,JDownloaderLeech,Progressive Downloader,Speed Download andwxDFast*)
    * wxDownload Fast for Mac OS X is currently available in source form only

FlashGot turns every supported download manager into a download manager for Firefox!

Is your preferred download manager not listed above? CLICK HERE

FlashGot offers also a Build Gallery functionality which helps to synthetize full media galleries in one page, from serial contents originally scattered on several pages, for easy and fast 'download all'.

FlashGot is Free Software: if you like it, you can support its progress :)


Since I switched from MS Internet Explorer toa serious browser, I've had only one regret: I've been missing theability to handle 'massive downloads' through a multithreaded, file splitting download manager.

In IE there was a 'Download all with MyNice DownloadManager' menu item, whichdelivered every link on a web page to the download manager, readyto be choosen and downloaded in batch.

There was nothing like this on Mozilla/Firefox,so I decided to build my solution with my own hands... and it workspretty well (at least for me).

Now, after many releases, FlashGot is probably the most advanced form of browser integration for download managers,often better than the native one provided for IE, featuring:

  • a 'FlashGot selection' command to selectively downloaditems you highlight on the page (even pure textual links!)
  • a Build Gallery command, helping you to auto-generate complete media gallery frompartial ones to download at once all the contents in a serie.
  • Convenient shortcuts and hooks for single downloads, like Alt+Click on a link andautomatic interception of unknown content types, giving you the chance tooverride the default download manager when it is about to start.
  • (more in the features page)
what is it?featureschangelogscreenshotsforumfaqget it!privacy ...stay safer, get NoScript!
Download Internet Download Manager For Mac Os XInternet

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Have you been looking for a good download manager for Mac? Well below we have a list of the 5 best download managers available right now for your Macbook or iMac computers. We have listed both free download managers and some that require you to buy them. Either way, you will not be disappointed with what we have for you.

Today we will highlight the best download managers for your MacOS Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, and even Sierra(we strongly suggest you at least upgrade to Mojave asap). We have tried all of these download managers at least a couple of times to make sure we gave each of them a fair analysis.

Do you need download managers for Mac OS X?

Yes, you do need at least a basic download manager for your MacOS whether that be on your iMac or a Macbook, simply because these days some of these files we download can be huge, we now have movies, software and mac games that can reach above 100gb! Imagine starting the file download, going out for something to eat, coming back and you find your download failed or restarted because of a disconnection or error? That has happened to most of us at least once. Luckily we have download managers to help us resume broken downloads from where you left off, and of course, they also increase your download speed on your Mac by using multiple file mirrors for you to download from. This is why I highly recommend anyone, even the casual downloader to have a download manager, plenty are around that are free and we have listed the best below, enjoy the list and please let me know if you think we should add, remove or update the listed software by contacting us.

Top Mac Download Managers

#1. Folx GO+ Download Manager

Folx GO+ for MacOS

Folx GO+ is a premium download manager for your Mac that is worth the price. It has a 4/5 star rating from their users for a good reason. It works and it works well. Folx GO+ was ranked #1 on our list because it comes with a beautiful UI design that is modern and simple enough to use. It of course can split your download link to multiple threads to increase your download speed, it has a download scheduler that allows you to also set how fast it downloads during certain times of the day, brilliant addition. On top of this, it is also nicely and smoothly integrated with iTunes, once you download your videos, movies, or music, all the right data is automatically displayed in your iTunes library playlist. Give FolX GO+ a try if you are looking for the best download manager for Macbook or iMac right now.

#2. Free Download Manager

FDM or ‘free download manager’ for the best free download manager for Mac, period. It could have easily been #1 on this list but Folx GO+ has the added advntage to integrate with your iTunes smoothly. Either way, FDM is the go to choice for many including myself. FDM allows BitTorrent support allowing you to download torrent files instantly. You can also preview audio/video files before a download is completed and convert the file format after download. Quite impressive. Of course it allows to increase your download speed by allowing you to download from multiple sources at the same time. You won’t be disappointed if you try this on your Mac, period.

#3. iDownloader

iDownload for MacOS

iDownloader is fast file downloader with very beautiful and elegant design that will make you feel like you are finally using a modern download manager. I love the UI design and most of you will too. iDownloader for Mac works by breaking downloads into multiple segments and downloading these segments together. This ensures that your internet bandwidth is fully utilized and thus increasing your speeds. It can also start downloads from where it left and keep retrying if a connection is lost. So even if you have slow or unstable internet connection, your download will virtually never fail. You can also schedule your downloads, there isn’t much iDownloader can’t do.

Download Internet Download Manager For Mac Os X 10.10

#4. Download Buddy

Download Internet Download Manager For Mac Os X64

Download Buddy is a sophisticated but extremely easy-to-use Internet-download manager for Mac. It supports everything you need for stress-free and reliable downloading and does not disturb you with useless features or meaningless gimmicks, much like Fat Pipe Downloader but with more options and a better UI. Download Buddy comes with many features including the ability to restart automatically unfinished downloads when you restart the app and automatic resume of timed out downloads. Pus a handy context menu to start your downloads directly from Safari, Chrome or Firefox with no plugins needed.

#5. Fat Pipe Downloader

Fat Pipe Downloader for MacOS

Internet Download Manager For Mac Os X 10.6.8

Fat Pipe Downloader is an awesome basic download manager, hence why it was listed at #5. But don’t let that make you thinks this app can’t help you. It can, Fat Pipe downloader bypasses limits set by most servers where you download from by splitting a download task up into many smaller chunks thus making your downloads faster it also comes with auto segment count determination, you can filter file destination by file extension, store passwords for hosts and it also supports http/https addresses. If you want a quick little download manager that doesn’t have many options for you to play with, but still increases your speed, try this one.

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