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  1. EViews University Editionis a modern econometric, statistics, and forecasting package that offers powerful analytical tools within a flexible, easy-to-use interface. With EViews’ easy to use point-and-click graphical user interface, you can concentrate on using EViews without having to learn complicated command syntax or navigate through layers of menus.
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  3. EViews by Quantitative Micro Software, also known as Econometric Views, is a statistical tool for time-series oriented econometric analysis. Unfortunately, EViews for Mac is not available yet. Nevertheless, you can try out some of the applications listed here. All these tools can potentially replace EViews for Mac.

EViews 11 is available in two different versions: Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition.

EViews 11 Standard Edition for Windows

EViews 11 offers academic researchers, corporations, government agencies, and students access to powerful statistical, forecasting, and modeling tools through an innovative, easy-to-use interface.

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EViews blends the best of modern software technology with cutting edge features. The result is a state-of-the art program that offers unprecedented power within a flexible, object-oriented interface.

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Explore the world of EViews and discover why it's the worldwide leader in Windows-based econometric software and the choice of those who demand the very best.

EViews 11 Enterprise Edition


EViews Enterprise offers all the features of the Standard Version of EViews 11, but also provides flexibility to directly connect to different data sources. Whether you want to connect to a third party provider, use ODBC to connect to a relational database, or use EViews’ Database Extension Interface (“EDX”) or EViews’ Database Object (“EDO”) Library to connect to your propriety data sources, EViews Enterprise is the tool for you!

With EViews Enterprise, you will improve your work efficiency by minimizing the steps needed to bring data into your EViews workfile and improve modeling accuracy with the most recent data from your direct connection to your data source.

Third Party Vendors

With EViews Enterprise and an account with your data provider, you can seamlessly search, query, and retrieve data from third-party data sources such as Bloomberg databases, IHS databases, FactSet databases … and many more.

You can drag and drop from a third party vendor directly into your workfile.

ODBC Compliant Databases

Enterprise Edition allows direct access to any database with an ODBC driver, providing transparent connection to common relational databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, or Sybase.

ODBC can connect you to your own private databases.

EViews Database Extension Interface (EDX)

The EDX API provides an open programming interface that allows users to develop their own customized connection to any public or proprietary data source providing simple and immediate access to the data within EViews.

EDX allows you to build your own data browsers for your data.

EViews Database Objects Library (EDO)

The EDO library allows you to work with data stored in EViews file formats from within other applications. EDO makes it simple to pull the finished results of your work directly from your EViews workfile, or to write a simple application to regularly update your EViews database from an external data source.

Use EViews databases in your own applications with EDO.

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EViews Students free download version Hello, You know, EViews allows professionals (corporations and government agencies) and academic personnel (researchers and students) to access statistical, forecasting, and modeling tools through an easy-to-use interface. The student version of EViews is a simplified version that aimed at academic use in the areas of econometric analysis, statistics, forecasting, etc. A free version for students is definitely available. You can download the trial version at the link below.

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