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Gangsters 2: Vendetta 1.06 patch Free Square Enix Windows 95/98/Me Version Full Specs has chosen not to provide a direct-download link for this product and offers this page for. Gangsters 2: Vendetta is a 2001 PC video game. It was developed by Hothouse Creations, with Eidos Interactive as publishers. Gangsters 2 was designed by both Peter Moreland and Rob Davies. The game is the sequel to Gangsters: Organized Crime also published by Eidos.

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Description of Gangsters 2 Windows

In 2001, Eidos Interactive, Inc. publishes Gangsters 2 on Windows. This strategy and simulation game is now abandonware and is set in a managerial, turn-based, interwar, rpg elements, crime and north america.

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Cooke2020-06-063 points

Followed MRPISCES advice and finally got it working.
Make sure you keep the image mounted to play the game!
And if you do use DxWnd (by downloading file off other link), change the 'path' to your installation directory

brain surgeon2020-05-050 point

still wont work need a degree in nueclar science to get it to work

Leonard2020-04-260 point

Mounted the iso image, but I can't proceed with installation due to windows 10. Anyone knows how to solve it?

c-3-32020-04-250 point

it doesn't work? you can't be serious.first download the iso file and other components like patch, guide etc. Then find a disc image software like daemon tools or virtual clone.Unrar the file and mount the cd image and install the game with a few clicks.Then find the crack file in the virtual cd/dvd rom and put it in the gangsters 2 directory.Run patch and you're ready to play.Besides, there are some hex cheats for this game and you need an hex editor like hxd to use these cheats.
Have a nice day.

mr-aries2020-03-29-4 points

huh thanks mrpiscies,thats all ya need to do
eh,and thats when u remember ..oh ive played this= game isnt very good.there goees hourrs of ....

Safires2020-03-101 point

the game starts for me using DxWnd but I dont have the cursor, its there for a second but as long is i move it, its gone.
Btw i've downloaded the config ( ) but i dont know how to use it tbh.

Cant get past the insert your cd part?2020-02-240 point

How can i crack the game so i can play it? It wont let me play without CD?

Insert CD-Rom2020-02-21-4 points

I can't figure out how to get past the Insert CD-Rom part. Plz assist.

Plz Help2020-02-155 points

when i try to play game it says CD-ROM in the drive, what do i do

Thug2019-12-053 points

Please help.. The problem is unable to initialize sound card

MrPisces2019-10-134 points

Thanks for sharing this legendary game!
Got it working on Windows 10 64 bit. Steps:
1) Download iso;
2) Install game;
3) Run patch to update + copy-paste [email protected] folder contents to game installation folder
4) Download DxWnd;
5) Download gangster 2 config file @;
6) Set gangsters AND dxwnd exe with admin rights;
7) Play! Once done, kill gangsters exe with task manager.
1) If you do not use dxwnd, then you have full screen and alt-tabbing causes visual glitches like pink boxes or worse, because it uses directx. DxWnd also let's you play in window mode at native 800x600 resolution.
2) If you do not do step 6, you might get error of unable to install keyboard hook (or something)
Have fun!

Daniel2019-09-191 point

Thanks. Works perfectly with Windows 10. I used the ISO for installation, then did the update. An error occured that dplayx.dll is missing and I should install Direct Play. Therefore I took dplayx.dll from the dir: C:/windows/SysWOW64 and copied it to C:/windows/System32 . I started the game again, agreed to install Direct Play which then automatically works.

BNE2019-09-120 point

used the .iso download, applied the patch ,
function confirmed that way on Win8 64bit

its doesnt workkk2019-08-27-1 point

it just doesnt work lets be honst

Jol2019-04-23-2 points


alex2019-03-15-6 points

doesnt work on windows 10

BigDCC2019-02-161 point

Use Compatibility Mode
Set it for 'Windows XP Service Pack 3'
Then, check 'Run in 640X480 Resolution'
Runs perfectly. Peace

Shoti2018-08-110 point

I like this game

Chotu2018-08-092 points

Funny game

don kelly2018-06-272 points

i love this game

chalbran leone2018-06-141 point

Mafia 2 for mac download

in what windows its run!

Adam2018-04-25-1 point

Thanks its working for me. Mount the iso image. Copy the crack file and overwrite. To update the game copy the update file to the installation folder and install. Everything should work then.

frustrated2018-03-14-2 points


Herodegon2018-03-05-3 points

It's asking for the CD despite the crack. How do I get around this?

anonymous2018-02-211 point

Awesome! Is the map editor going to be included???

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Omerta – City of Gangsters
Developer(s)Haemimont Games
Publisher(s)Kalypso Media
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
Xbox 360
ReleaseWindows, Xbox 360
  • GER: 31 January 2013[2]
  • EU: 1 February 2013[1]
  • NA: 12 February 2013[2]
Mac OS X
2 August 2013[3]
Genre(s)Simulation game
Mode(s)Single-player, Multiplayer

Omerta – City of Gangsters is a simulation game with turn-based tactical game-play elements developed by Haemimont Games and published by Kalypso Media for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and the Xbox 360. The game was released in German-speaking countries on 31 January 2013. The international German download version for Windows was released through the Steam-service as well. The English version was released just a day after in the rest of Europe whereas the version for the US market was released on 12 February. A version for Mac OS X was published on 2 August 2013.[3]


The title covers the time of the 1920s – the Roaring Twenties – at the time of the Prohibition in the United States. The game's story takes place in Atlantic City, Atlantic County where, due to the ban of any alcohol in this era, Mafia organizations were able to become powerful off the back of the illegal speakeasys.

In a time where criminal gangs rule the city and a handful of morally questionable men were able to succeed through illegal gambling, high-strength spirits and shady machinations, the player's storyline takes place as the main character creates his empire in this melting pot of illegality. Boss D'Angelo is an immigrant who was born in a small village in Sicily and has just arrived in Atlantic City. He has to work his way up the ladder through the Mafia-like world. Working his way up from nothing, He must establish himself in the criminal underworld by buying and raiding businesses and attacking rivals, all the while simultaneously fulfilling his version of the American dream.


Arriving at Atlantic City, Boss D'Angelo begins his foothold on the criminal empire as he makes money off the prohibition and gambling trade. Sending money back to his brother, he keeps his status as a mob boss secret from him as he works for Louie, a Capo under the eye of Danny Corsini, the leader of the Mafia in Atlantic City. His enemies ranges from independent gangsters to the Ku Klux Klan, which is at bitter odds with the growing immigration problem. Eventually tired of working for Louie, he was sent to perform one last job which was revealed to be a trap, as Danny Corsini was the intended target. The Boss thwarts the assassination and becomes a Capo under Corsini.

Expanding his criminal empire eventually allows his brother to come to Atlantic City but not as a brother in crime an FBI Agent in New York. When the Boss' attempts to set up a source of income through the gambling/nightclub trade draw suspicion to him, Danny Corsini attempts to defend him killing his brother. Forced to turn on Corsini, the Boss emerges victorious. Knowing that his position is fragile, he attempts to unite the Jewish Gangs and Irish Mob in an alliance only for it to be attacked by the KKK. With the D'Angelo mob as the sole survivor of the struggle, the Boss is named Capo de Tutti. He later earns money through real estate and by supporting Mr. Smith as mayor which gives him great influence in the city, upon reaching Michigan Ave his brother offers one last chance for the Boss to come clean, the Boss rejects the idea of selling his men out and eliminates the witnesses who planned to rat out the boss. The Boss came out clean and triumphant and made amends with his brother and owns a private island which he calls Nova Sicilia and his brother left the agency to pursue his dream of being a shipwright and vowed to never speak of their days in the prohibition again.

The Japanese Incentive

Somewhere in between the meeting of his brother and the death of Louie Castaneda, Boss D'Angelo receives a lucrative offer from a Japanese Yakuza Hikaro Eda and Fritz, a backer who wanted to help Eda exert his influence into America as laws back then prohibited Asians from owning property. There he meets the beautiful Mikoto Mori, the trophy wife of the Yakuza boss. Little did the boss know, she has a personal vendetta against Hikaro and the Boss now is caught in between love for the woman and the wrath of a powerful man.

The story begins with Karl Fritz who approaches the Boss with a deal from Hikaro Eda, an influential Japanese man who had him muscle into McGyure Clan's turf and quickly proves his worth to Hikaro and was tasked with a smuggling job from him. Upon preventing the McGyure Clan from destroying the cargo did he realize what was he smuggling, his wife Kumiko Mori. Angered by the McGyure's attempt at murdering her he personally wipes out the clan and earns a promising alliance with the Yakuza. When Hikaro and his men were attacked at a Cherry Blossom festival by members of the Ku Klux Klan did Hikaro sent him to find who tried to kill him and the Boss learned that Hikaro's own wife was the culprit. Sickened by this senseless conflict he tries to run off with her in an attempt to escape from the criminal underworld only to be dragged down by Hikaro when he tries to kill them both. Then she reveals her past, her family's lands was taken away by Eda and her sister was killed by Hikaro and she was forced to become the bride and assassin of Hikaro. They both work together to take down Eda and eventually have feelings for one another but the heist on Eda's personal assets goes awry when Mikoto goes off to try and kill Eda only to die in the process, in a fit of rage the Boss personally attacks Eda and gets his revenge for Mikoto as he bitterly says that she was the first and last woman he had ever truly loved.


Omerta, the game's title, refers to the infamous honor code called 'Omertà', a 'Code of silence' which binds members of the Mafia or similar criminal organizations to professional discretion against any third parties.

Upon the official retail-release of the boxed- and digital distributed version, the game was also simultaneously released on without any copy-protection, nor other digital rights management restrictions.[4]


Beginning with small deals, the player gradually expands his criminal career, eventually advancing highly enough to establish his own business. The player can purchase untenanted shops, buildings and structures to establish his own bar, brewery or distillery. The player can also buy out an opposing speakeasy. A more legal way for generating income is buying apartments to obtain leasing. Warehouses can be acquired to extend storage.

As the game progresses, the character can recruit companions, create his own gang, and conquer the territories of rival gangsters. Characters provide specific role-playing elements based on their individual characteristics and equipment. In these turn-based confrontations, the player expands his influence by using henchmen to drive other godfathers out of business, to ultimately reign supreme as the unchallenged patron of Atlantic City.[5]

In addition to co-operative and competitive multiplayer game-play, the game offers a sandbox mode to freely explore the game world – six district maps covering Atlantic City.

Historical background[edit]

The renowned Traymore Hotel in Atlantic City, circa 1930

The game provides an explorable three-dimensional world which is displayed through a Top-down perspective. The in-game world represents, according to the publisher Kalypso Media,[6] an almost accurate and historical correct reproduction of the American city Atlantic City of this period.

Real vintage buildings and places are present like the Traymore Hotel, the Absecon Lighthouse, the Atlantic City Jail-house or the board-walk 'Eastern Promenade' as well as streets like Illinois Avenue or the North Carolina Avenue which ends at the beach. Beside those real buildings the remaining ones - which are shown in Art Deco - are very similar to each other and seems to consist only of a few types.

Licensing of name[edit]

Kalypso Media licensed the name 'Omerta' from the MMORPG browser-based game of the same name, Omerta.


Metacritic aggregated a score of 54 from 100 points for the Windows version.[7]

PCGamer gave the PC-version a rating of 78 out of 100 points, praising the game's mechanics as well as the AI while comparing its combat style elements to X-COM or Jagged Alliance. The story is described as too superficial and simple, just depth-less. The atmospheric music, on the other hand, was lauded as a brilliant melange of the Jazz, Ragtime and Klezmer music of the period.

'Not as tough or as deep as it could be, Omerta is still a destination well worth a visit.'

— Tim Stone,[8]

Rating the game at just 30 percent, Metro GameCentral tested the PC-version as well. Initially intrigued by the promise of a new kind of 'made-men' game, the turn-based combat system was ultimately deemed ungainly.

'You can see the basis of a good game here but Omerta gets almost everything wrong, from the shallow game-play to the bland, characterless gangster atmosphere.'

Gangsters 2 For Mac Iso

Hooked Gamer gave the PC-version a rating of 8.4 out of 10. It describes the game as 'different', and the turn-based combats as short but satisfying.

Gangsters 2 For Mac

'What struck me most was the potential. Omerta is a good game but if it succeeds, it has the potential to be a great game. […]'

— Sergio Brinkhuis, Hooked Gamers[10]


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