Google Chrome For Mac Os 10

Begin by going to the download page for Chrome on the Mac you want to install it on. (Ironically, you. Google Chrome for Mac OS X 10.4.11 can be downloaded from several sites on the Internet. However, the most current version of Google Chrome for Mac is 34.0.1847.131. Preview upcoming Google Chrome features before they’re released and give us feedback to make Chrome a better browser. Download Chrome for Mac. For Mac OS X 10.10 or later.

Though we cannot install Chrome OS, we can install the Open-source software Chromium OS which anyone can install, modify and use it in the way they like. But it requires some technical expertise. Thankfully we have developers like Neverware that modified the Chromium OS and made it easy to install on Mac.

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Google’s Chrome OS vs. Cloud-Ready OS

Just like Google’s Chrome OS, Neverware also developed the OS from the Open-source Chromium OS project. They have taken the source code from the Chromium and add their own proprietary code to make a working OS. Cloud-Ready looks and works just like the Chrome OS and the best advantage of Cloud-Ready than Chrome OS is that you can install it on a wide variety of hardware including Macs & Macbooks.

Just like Chrome OS, Cloud-Ready also sends you regular updates to improve the features. And it is also as stable as Chrome OS. But there is a caveat, though you can run Linux apps on Cloud-Ready, you cannot install Android apps in it, which Chrome OS can.

Neverware said they will be supporting Android apps in the future, there is still no sign of such an update at present.

How to install Cloud-Ready on any Mac or MacBook

1. Navigate to the Neverware website, scroll down till you see the option for personal, home use. Click on it. Alternatively, you can click on this link.

2. There you can see the download links for Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.

3. Under the Mac Section, download the 64 -Bit zip file.

4. Now unzip the image file using The Unarchiver app.

5. Now open the Chrome browser, if you have not installed before, download Chrome and install it now.

6. On the Chrome Web Store, download the Chromebook Recovery Utility by clicking on Add to Chrome button.

7. Then click on the Add app on the Pop-up.

8. The Chromebook Recovery Utility will be installed and will show up on the Apps page of your Chrome Browser. The apps page should show up automatically if it doesn’t, type chrome://apps in the address bar of your Chrome browser.

9. Open the Recovery app on the apps page and it will show this screen right after that.

10. Click on this Gear Icon on the top and click on the ‘ Use Local Image ‘ option.

11. Then locate your image which you have extracted using unarchiever.

12. Insert the 8 Gb or 16 Gb USB stick and select it. The data on the USB stick will be lost in the process, so make sure to back up your data in it first.

13. This process will install the Cloud-Ready OS into the USB stick. Once the process is completed, remove the USB stick. And you are ready to install the Cloud-Ready OS using the USB stick.

14. Now you need to Boot the Computer using USB. To accomplish this you need to change the custom boot. Reboot the device and press & hold the option key to open the Boot options.

15. Then select the USB stick which has Cloud Ready installed.

16. The device will boot up from the USB showing the Cloud-ready Logo.

17. Then click on Let’s Go to get started. This may take a few minutes to pop-up as the OS is loading from the USB.

18. Connect to the Internet using ethernet cable or WiFi.

19. The OS will check for any latest updates and then ask you to Log in by using the email address that’s associated with your Google Account. I recommend you don’t log-in immediately.

20. You can use Cloud-Ready OS every time like this by directly booting up with the USB drive. So if you don’t want to install on the hard disc, you can continue logging in. But if you want to erase the entire Mac OS and install Cloud Ready Natively into the system, read along.

21. Installing part is so easy, but now just check whether the entire device is working properly or not. Check the WiFi, keyboard, mouse or trackpad, etc. If something is not working properly, it might be a hardware compatibility issue, so do not install the OS as it is not compatible with your hardware.

However, If everything is fine, you can continue to the next step of installing the Chrome OS. Also, make sure to back up your data in the computer to the cloud or external hard disc, once the OS is installed, all your data on the computer will be lost.

22. To install, click on the time in the lower right corner and click on install OS toggle in the quick settings panel.

23. Then again click on the INSTALL CLOUD-READY.

24. Once the installation process is completed, turn off the device, remove the USB stick and switch on the device back. You can see the Cloud Ready is successfully installed on your computer.

Running browsers such as Google Chrome are sluggish when switching between tabs and typing in textfields.

Already tried to uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome.

Also tried to reset it to default settings.

These solutions worked in no avail.

Attached is a copy of EtreCheck Report.

Help would be highly appreciated.

EtreCheck version: 4.3.6 (4D041)

Report generated: 2018-08-10 20:35:04

Download EtreCheck from

Runtime: 4:06

Performance: Good

Problem: Computer is too slow


Google Chrome and Web Browsers like Safari switch screen between tabs slowly. It is also slow when typing.

Major Issues:

Anything that appears on this list needs immediate attention.

No Time Machine backup - Time Machine backup not found.

Minor Issues:

These issues do not need immediate attention but they may indicate future problems.

Upgradeable RAM - This machine has upgradeable RAM that would help its performance.

Unsigned files - There are unsigned software file installed. They appear to be legitimate but should be reviewed.


32-bit Apps - This machine has 32-bits apps that may have problems in the future.

Hardware Information:

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)

MacBook Pro Model: MacBookPro9,2

1 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 (i7-3520M) CPU: 2-core

4 GB RAM - Upgradeable

BANK 0/DIMM0 - 2 GB DDR3 1600 ok

BANK 1/DIMM0 - 2 GB DDR3 1600 ok

Battery: Health = Normal - Cycle count = 50

Video Information:

Intel HD Graphics 4000 - VRAM: 1536 MB


Color LCD 1280 x 800

SyncMaster 1440 x 900 @ 60 Hz


disk0 - APPLE SSD SM256E 251.00 GB (Solid State - TRIM: Yes)

Internal SATA 6 Gigabit Serial ATA

disk0s1 - EFI (MS-DOS FAT32) [EFI] 210 MB

disk0s2 150.00 GB

disk1s1 - Macintosh HD (APFS) 150.00 GB (102.61 GB used)

disk1s2 - Preboot (APFS) [APFS Preboot] 150.00 GB (36 MB used)

disk1s3 - Recovery (APFS) [Recovery] 150.00 GB (519 MB used)

disk1s4 - VM (APFS) [APFS VM] 150.00 GB (2.15 GB used)

disk0s3 - B******P (NTFS) 100.79 GB

Mounted Volumes:

disk0s3 - B******P 100.79 GB (47.08 GB free)


Mount point: /Volumes/B******P

disk1s1 - Macintosh HD 150.00 GB (44.57 GB free)


Mount point: /

disk1s4 - VM [APFS VM] 150.00 GB (44.57 GB free)


Mount point: /private/var/vm


Interface en0: Ethernet

Interface en4: iPhone

Interface fw0: FireWire

Interface en1: Wi-Fi

802.11 a/b/g/n

One IPv4 address

Interface bridge0: Thunderbolt Bridge

System Software:

macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65)

Time since boot: About 6 hours

System Load: 3.36 (1 min ago) 3.29 (5 min ago) 2.79 (15 min ago)


GatekeeperMac App Store and identified developers
System Integrity ProtectionEnabled

Unsigned Files:

Launchd: /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.virtualbox.startup.plist

Executable: /Library/Application Support/VirtualBox/LaunchDaemons/ restart

Details: Exact match found in the whitelist - probably OK

Launchd: ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.postgresql.plist

Executable: /usr/local/opt/postgresql/bin/postgres -D /usr/local/var/postgres

Details: Exact match found in the whitelist - probably OK

Launchd: /Library/LaunchDaemons/

Executable: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Resources/Helper-Tool

Details: Exact match found in the whitelist - probably OK

Launchd: /Library/LaunchAgents/

Executable: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Resources/ cOS/JavaUpdater -bgcheck

Details: Exact match found in the whitelist - probably OK

32-bit Applications:

13 32-bit apps

Kernel Extensions:

/Library/Application Support/VirtualBox

[Loaded] VBoxDrv.kext (Oracle America, Inc., 5.0.10)

[Loaded] VBoxNetAdp.kext (Oracle America, Inc., 5.0.10)

[Loaded] VBoxNetFlt.kext (Oracle America, Inc., 5.0.10)

[Loaded] VBoxUSB.kext (Oracle America, Inc., 5.0.10)

Google Chrome For Mac Os 10.6.8


[Loaded] MB_MBAM_Protection.kext (Malwarebytes Corporation, 3.3 - SDK 10.13)

System Launch Agents:

[Not Loaded] 9 Apple tasks
[Loaded] 158 Apple tasks
[Running] 58 Apple tasks
[Killed] 68 Apple tasks
[Other] One Apple task

System Launch Daemons:

[Not Loaded] 37 Apple tasks
[Loaded] 179 Apple tasks
[Running] 73 Apple tasks
[Killed] 47 Apple tasks

Launch Agents:

[Not Loaded] com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0.plist (? ffb65062 - installed 2018-06-22)
[Loaded] com.adobe.GC.Invoker-1.0.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-06-22)
[Loaded] (? 1e5825a8 - installed 2018-06-26)
[Other] com.adobe.ARMDCHelper.cc24aef4a1b90ed56a725c38014c95072f92651fb65e1bf9c8e43c37a2 3d420d.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-06-22)
[Running] com.malwarebytes.mbam.frontend.agent.plist (Malwarebytes Corporation - installed 2018-05-23)

Launch Daemons:

[Loaded] com.adobe.ARMDC.SMJobBlessHelper.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-06-22)
[Running] com.malwarebytes.mbam.settings.daemon.plist (Malwarebytes Corporation - installed 2018-05-23)
[Not Loaded] org.virtualbox.startup.plist (? 700b9385 - installed 2018-05-10)
[Running] com.malwarebytes.mbam.rtprotection.daemon.plist (Malwarebytes Corporation - installed 2018-05-23)
[Running] com.docker.vmnetd.plist (Docker Inc - installed 2018-08-10)
[Loaded] com.adobe.fpsaud.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-06-26)
[Loaded] (? fa56dec8 - installed 2018-06-26)
[Loaded] com.BlueStacks.AppPlayer.bstservice_helper.plist (BlueStack Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-05-09)
[Loaded] com.adobe.agsservice.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-06-22)
[Loaded] com.adobe.ARMDC.Communicator.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-06-22)
[Running] com.adobe.agmservice.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-06-22)
[Loaded] (? d0637166 - installed 2018-02-24)
[Loaded] (Microsoft Corporation - installed 2016-04-11)

User Launch Agents:

[Running] homebrew.mxcl.postgresql.plist (? 0 - installed 2018-06-05)
[Running] com.spotify.webhelper.plist (Spotify - installed 2018-06-29)
[Other] (Google, Inc. - installed 2018-08-09)
[Loaded] com.dropbox.DropboxMacUpdate.agent.plist (Dropbox, Inc. - installed 2018-05-10)
[Loaded] com.adobe.GC.Invoker-1.0.plist (Adobe Systems, Inc. - installed 2018-06-23)
[Running] com.aimersoft.iMusicHelper.plist (WonBo Technology Co., Ltd - installed 2018-07-26)

User Login Items:

Alfred 3 Application (Running with Crayons Ltd - installed 2018-02-06)


iMusic Helper Application (WonBo Technology Co., Ltd - installed 2018-07-19)

(~/Library/Application Support/iMusic/iMusic

iTunesHelper Application (Apple - installed 2018-07-13)


Calendar Application (Apple - installed 2018-06-23)


ShiftIt Application (? - installed 2018-03-03)

Google chrome for mac os 10.6.8


Internet Plug-ins:

FlashPlayer-10.6: (installed 2018-07-15)

QuickTime Plugin: (installed 2018-07-15)

AdobePDFViewerNPAPI: (installed 2018-02-07)


AdobePDFViewer: (installed 2018-02-07)

Google Chrome For Mac Os 10.6

o1dbrowserplugin: (installed 2018-06-28)

Flash Player: (installed 2018-07-15)

jdk: (installed 2018-06-26)

googletalkbrowserplugin: (installed 2015-12-12)

JavaAppletPlugin: (installed 2018-06-26)

3rd Party Preference Panes:

Flash Player (installed 2018-06-26)

Java (installed 2018-03-27)


Time Machine:

Time Machine Not Configured!

Top Processes by CPU:

Process (count)Source% of CPULocation
coreservicesdApple92 (9)Apple19
Disk Inventory X?3 /Applications/Disk Inventory

Top Processes by Memory:

Process (count)SourceRAM usageLocation
VBoxHeadlessOracle America, Inc.682 MB (9)Apple370 MB
DictationIM (2)Apple80 MB
clouddApple73 MB
routined (2)Apple59 MB

Top Processes by Network Use:

ProcessSourceInputOutputLocation MB829 KB
mDNSResponderApple314 KB166 KB
netbiosdApple47 KB8 KB
apsdApple8 KB8 KB KB1 KB

Top Processes by Energy Use:

Process (count)SourceEnergy (0-100)Location
coreservicesdApple26 (9)Apple12
mobileassetd (2)Apple4

Virtual Memory Information:

Available RAM416 MB
Free RAM19 MB
Used RAM3.59 GB
Cached files397 MB
Swap Used422 MB

Software Installs (past 30 days):

NameVersionInstall Date
Adobe Flash Player30.0.0.1342018-07-15
Gatekeeper Configuration Data1502018-08-07
Go for Gmail2.62018-08-10

Diagnostics Information (past 7 days):

2018-08-10 19:35:50 coreservicesd CPU

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CarbonCo re.framework/Versions/A/Support/coreservicesd

2018-08-07 13:15:36 fud Crash


End of report

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2012), macOS High Sierra (10.13.6)

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