Hdmi Video Capture Card For Mac

And it captures not only digital video via its HDMI input, but also analog component video and S-video. Supported HD formats include 1080i50, 1080i59.94, 720p50 and 720p59.94.

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Hdmi Video Capture Card For Mac

Video Capture Card HDMI to USB 2.0 Audio Video Capture Cards HD 1080p Record Video Audio Grabber for Gaming, Live Streaming, LiveBroadcasting, Teaching, Video. High-performance, low-latency 4K/HD PCIe capture cards. Plug-and-play USB external capture dongle for one HD signal. USB Capture Plus. Plug-and-play HD/4K capture dongles with loop-through & analog audio. Compact device which extends HDMI transmission distance and fixes corrupted signal. Ultra Stream HDMI.

Mac Compatible Video Devices

With an Apple compatible analog to digital video capture device your Mac can help you grab or transfer video data from a wide variety of gaming, video and audio devices.

USB Video Capture Dongle For MacOS

For Macintosh owners with older analog video gear such as a Game System, VHS VCR, Camcorder, or DVD Player, a low-cost external USB capture gadget can help transfer content onto your Mac computer for digital editing, transcoding and saving to nearly any desired digital file format. When possible, look for a Mac video grabber that natively supports H.264 video compression and saves to .MP4 format which is optimal for direct MacOS and iOS playback.
DigitNow Video Capture / Converter
Hi-Quality H.264 Compression Built-In

These grabbers are typically USB 2.0 / 3.0 capture dongles with Analog RCA audio and video as well as S-Video input jacks for use on a wide variety of analog gear.If the hardware is UVC - USB Video Class compliant, nearly any Mac compatible video capture app will list these as an available device source in their Preferences section. However, some bundled apps however might be programmed to recognize only the specific hardware from the manufacturer.
ElGato/Corsair Video Capture Device
H.264 Video Compression Format

NOTE: Beware if you're running the lastest Apple MacOS Mojave or Catalina - Their transition to 64-Bit only is requiring many USB dongle app developers to update and rewrite thier apps to be fully 64-bit compliant.

ThunderBolt Video Capture Box For MacOS

Professional users are likely seek a higher-end video capture device for Mac solutions. For the best Mac video capture device quality, Thunderbolt is better for their video grabbing, processing and capturing of higher resolution 720p, 1080p HD and 4K UDH ultra high definition content. In particular, Gaming companies often want high-quality grabs of their game content for marketing purposes.
BlackMagic UltraStudio Mac Video Capture
HDMI Input with Thunderbolt Interface

10GBps Black Magic ThunderBolt Video Grabber
10-Bit SD/HD with HDMI, Component, Composite & S-Video

Pro users are more likely to seek out Apple certified USB 3.0, 3.1 USB-C and ThunderBolt video capture boxes that can handle the high-bandwidth demands of ultra high-definition 4K and 5K video streams and audio as well.

Mac Live Streaming and HDMI Video Game Capture

Hdmi Video Capture Card For Mac Catalina

For outputting HDMI live streams and broadcasting high-definition computer video gameplay for Twitch and other online ventures, Elgato's Mac compatible capture boxes continue to be a top favorite for XBox, PlayStation and Wii users.
Elgato Video Game Capture Device For MacOS
240p to 1080p HD H2.64 Capture

USB-C Mac Video Capture Cards

Hdmi Video Capture Card For Mac Review

For owners of more modern Macs with Thunderbotl 3 (USB-C) ports, you mught look into driver-free USB Video Class UVC compatible USB-C HDMI video capture boxes that are just plug and play and can be directly connected to a Type-C port.