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MacOS Catalina drops support for 32-bit applications, signaling the final death blow to Silverlight on Mac. Anyone out there know of a way to get a Silverlight codebase to run on Mac? I don't mind recompiling or running under a special host. I'm just looking for some way to get a little more time before the codebase is completely replaced. Silverlight delivers the richest set of capabilities available to developers today through a Web‐browser plug‐in. Silverlight 5 makes further advances in media, 3d visualization and application development and user experience, adding over 40 new features. Oct 13, 2019 Since Silverlight has never been updated for Mac since v. 1.0, it's pretty safe to say that Mac users are locked out of using their company's payroll program, when of course all their PC users can. Reminiscent of the early days of the internet where companies built their websites that would only work on Microsoft browsers. Publishers and developers want their apps to run on as many platforms as possible, and while Silverlight apps will run on both major Windows browsers as well as on Safari and Firefox on a Mac.

Hey readers! Before heading forward with our tutorial on how to get Microsoft Silverlight on Mac, let us discuss what basically a Silverlight is, and what are its advantages. As we all know it is developed by Microsoft, and it works similarly to Adobe Flash as it allow users to run all the internet apps including video streaming, animations, multimedia and graphics.

Though it has similar purposes and features as Adobe Flash but is not just a competitor, it is much more than that. This software gives users ability to listen audio, watching animations/videos on Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Still figuring out, how you can get this for your Mac Laptop? It is incredibly easy to download and install Silverlight on Mac PC.

How to Install it on MAC

Is Microsoft Silverlight Safe For Mac

Users just need to head forward to the official Microsoft Silverlight Page, where you will get to know that whether your Mac is installed with updated version of Silverlight or not, and if not then it will recommend you to install it. After you visit the site, you need to agree for the instructions for downloading it and automatically it will start installing on your MAC. When it is successfully downloaded, click the downloaded file and go through the process of its installation.

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Features of Microsoft Silverlight

IIS Smooth Streaming

It allows users to experience high-end definition video-audio streaming with a smooth playback.


It helps the users easily in interacting with the data massively on Web which are entertaining, informative and powerful.


With the help of this tool, users can easily and quickly prove the application’s vision as it helps in revolutionizing efficiency and speed.

Silverlight For Mac Is Not Being Recognized


Deep Zoom

This tool is the fastest as well as smoothest zooming technology which helps users in experiencing high-resolution frame rates and images.

Pixel Shader

What is microsoft silverlight for mac

What Is Silverlight For Mac

It is a software based effects which includes drop as well as blur shadow which users can apply to any animated picture or graphical content.

New Controls

Microsoft loaded Silverlight with more than 60 customizable as well as high-quality and fully skinnable controls including new layout containers, charting and much more.

Media Format Extensibility

This feature helps in supporting the third-party codecs easily and even users can quickly decode the audio and video using this extensibility.

Perspective 3D Graphics

Is Silverlight Plugin Safe For Mac

This software helps developers as well as users to apply 3D plane to the content. Furthermore, users can scale as well as rotate the live content without entering the extra code.

Silverlight works smoothly with Mac and other devices except Windows Phones and iPad but if you think that you can only use this app on PC then you have mistaken as this is also available for other OS as well. Though there are many tools which are not available for both iOS and Windows because of the rivalry between the two companies but still they allow users to download the suitable version according to their Mac model.

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Wrapping Up

It is one of those powerful tools developed by Microsoft which helps in creating interactive as well as engaging user experience about the apps on their devices and on Web. Silverlight is particularly a free plug-in which is powered by .NET framework. It is even compatible with all the browsers as well as OS’s and devices which helps in bringing together the interactive base to a new level at the place where Web works.

Download Silverlight For Mac

Do you want to ask any other questions about Silverlight? Have you tried to get Silverlight on Mac? Faced any troubles? If yes, do leave your comments below.