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Clover: Windows Explorer has got a design upgrade in Windows 10, but, functionality wise it's still. Last year when I wrote about my must-have Mac apps, I was coming off a tumultuous year that started with a daily commute into Chicago for my old job and ended with me working from home.As the year came to a close, I was exploring what that meant for the way I work on the Mac. Advanced Identity Protector. In the list of must-have Mac apps, we need apps of all sorts and here.

Mac; The Top 5 Must-Have Free Mac Apps. Analyst Shanalyst -. Yes, a lot of Mac apps have exorbitant prices. Final Cut Pro, the premier Apple app for for professional video enthusiasts, may demand a price tag that is north of $300, but it’s not fair to assume that each app on.

Buying a MacBook has always been an amazing experience. Whether it is the functionality or the chances of getting fantastic apps, Mac is just an awesome pick. The notion that you need to spend a lot to boost the efficiency of the phone is never right. There are apps that can boost the performance of your iOS without spending much. Here are our five top picks for you:


Create a to-do list, snap a picture or jot down a reminder, Evernote is the most popular note-taking app. Even the search process is simpler than any other existing app. All the information that you noted then syncs to the cloud and after this, the data is saved to all other devices. This makes your work simpler than ever, and the good news is – it does come for free.


There are so many management apps out there that you can get confused about it. The app lets you arrange the work in a simplified manner. Like other apps, there are not so many options to confuse you, rather you can simply get into the app, type in the task and mark it complete. The app lets you arrange them in order of the importance and it will be highlighted in red-yellow gradient. Also, there is a way to set due dates for crucial tasks. In one go, you get all sorts of applications for managing your work in just $9.99. Go for it without thinking twice.

Fantastical 2

Known as the calendar app, this is a true gift for the MAC owners. Neither you have to click on the specific days nor the times as this app take your instruction in clear sentences. Just type the sentence in plain English and the rest will be figured out via the app only. Even the interface here is efficient and will let you arrange the task separately. The functionality of Fantastical 2 is somewhat like Clear, but we recommend using this app for a robust appointment.


Sick of the Energy Saver section, then go for Amphetamine. Its default setting is available on the menu bar and this will keep the display turned on indefinitely. With this one app, you can override the energy saver setting and keep the Mac awake. There are global keys for activation and deactivation and you can even allow and prevent screen saver. The best part is it is absolutely free.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is the easiest and coolest tool for accessing your computer remotely. As for the computer’s IP, we want to tell you that you don’t need any of it. Being easy to interact, you just have to have a simple PIN authentication. Again, it is free of cost. So, whenever, you are outside, get free and easy access to your precious data without spending anything.

Get access to these 5 apps and make your Mac perform better than ever. Efficiency, ease of access, and performance come abound with these apps.

Mac App Store is a rich library of applications that are useful for your daily needs while using a Mac. If you have recently bought a Mac, you might be needing a lot of software and applications to run your system smoothly. Because in the end, all you need is software that keeps you coming back on your system making the most of it. Just like utility app Evernote, there are numerous other apps that might be useful for a Mac user.

Word Application For Mac

Must Have Application For Mac

We have curated here the list of must-have Mac apps. You can download them either from the App Store or from any other legit third-party app store. Remember, along with Mac apps, there are a few iOS apps that are worth your time.

Must have Mac Apps:

1. Advanced Identity Protector

In the list of must-have Mac apps, we need apps of all sorts and here, we cannot miss Advanced Identity Protector. It is one of the best identity theft protection tools that scans your system for all the identity traces that get stored in the form of web browsing history, emails and notes etc. This tool removes identity traces from your Mac and makes it difficult for someone with malicious intent to trace your confidential information. During the scan process, you will have to give access to your system’s privacy section. Later on, you can delete, or securely store personal information in an encrypted digital vault included in this tool.


Find Applications On Mac

  • Protects all your confidential information.
  • You can exclude items from the scan list.
  • See ‘scan logs’ by exact date and time.
  • Comes with in-built Vault to lock your sensitive data

2. Smart Mac Care- Best Mac Optimization Suite

No system can stay perfect without optimization, so there is always a need for optimization tools for Mac too. In the list of must-have Mac apps 2020, Smart Mac Care is yet another application that aims at complete cleaning and optimization of your Mac. This app can find and remove cluttered files to make a better disk space on your Mac for optimized work. It can also erase hidden malware to protect your device from malicious attacks.


  • Clean & optimize your Mac.
  • Take care of your browser privacy.
  • Saves your Mac from Malware threats.

Click Here To Download Smart Mac Care

3. Mouseless- A Utility Tool For Mac

To get the most out of your Mac, you can check out this amazing application that can help you learn all the important keyboard shortcuts. This utility app offers you interactive training sessions that take less than 5 minutes and make you learn 10 shortcuts. Learn shortcuts for your favorite apps in bite-sized exercises and get your fingers fly across the keyboard.


  • 1000+ keyboard shortcuts at your fingertips.
  • Translates shortcuts as per the language requirements of a keyboard.
  • Mouseless runs offline as well.

4. Amphetamine- Best Mac Utility App

There is no computer system that can keep you away from annoyances and this is when an application like Amphetamine comes in. This is one of the best Mac apps 2020 that can keep your Mac and its display awake through a simple on/off switch. Amphetamine can also keep your screen awake automatically through easy-to-configure Triggers.


  • It fits in naturally with the rest of your Menu Bar items.
  • Auto-ends session if your Mac’s battery is low.
  • Supports hotkey commands and deactivation reminders.

5. Systweak Anti-Malware- Best Security Apps For Mac

If you’re looking for the best Mac apps, it is indeed important to have an anti-malware application installed to prevent your device from malware, adware, spyware, Trojan and other malicious attacks. Systweak Anti-Malware is a must-have Mac app that gives you multiple advantages such as cleaning infected files on Mac, secure Mac against Malware attacks and more.


  • Puts a stop to all malicious threats to your Mac.
  • Prevents your confidential data.
  • Compatible with the latest Mac versions.

Click Here to Download Systweak Anti-Malware

6. Microsoft Remote Desktop 10- Operate From Anywhere

For your work reasons, you might anytime require an application that lets you use Windows PC on a Mac. This is why we have listed this awesome app Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 in the list of must-have Mac apps. This app will let you connect to a remote PC or virtual apps on your Mac. This is one of the best Mac apps allowing you to be productive no matter where you’re.


  • Allows audio and video streaming.
  • Lets you connect through a Remote Desktop Gateway.
  • It provides a secure connection to your data and applications.

We’re Listening!

According to us, the above mentioned are some of the must-have Mac apps for 2020. You are free to share with us your take on the best Mac apps that are much needed for its smooth functioning. Be it a music, utility or system optimization app, we welcome all your suggestions. Share with us in the comments section below, which apps do you think should be included in the must-have Mac apps list.

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