Replies For Mac

Replies for thank you
  1. Click on Tools in the Mac toolbar and click on Automatic Replies.

  2. From the Automatic Replies window, check the Send automatic replies for account… check box to turn on automatic replies.

  3. You can then type in your message you want to reply to emails as well as how long you want the automatic applies to continue.

    You can also have separate replies for people outside your organization if you’re using a company or organization email account.

  4. Click OK when you’re done.

  5. To turn off automatic replies, just uncheck the Send automatic replies for account… check box.

  1. Automatic replies - Now available in 16.36 (20032300) Presence - Now available in 16.35 (20012902) Subfolder search - Now available in 16.33 (19120401) Known issues. The product team knows about and is investigating the following issues in the new Outlook for Mac.
  2. Sep 27, 2018 Enter your Out of Office/Auto Reply Text. Select the Checkbox to send only during a time period including the D ates between. NOTE: This will automatically turn the Out of Office message on and off based on the dates selected. Select the Checkbox to send replies to external senders and enter the Appropriate Text.
  3. Automatic replies are used to alert people who correspond with you that you are out of the office. Here are instructions for creating and removing automatic replies to PennO365 email in Outlook for Macintosh. To turn on automatic replies. In Outlook, click Mail in the lower left of the navigation pane; On the Tools tab, click Out of Office.

Jul 14, 2017 Each sender will receive the automatic reply every time they send you an email. NOTE: You must leave Apple Mail open on your Mac for the rule to run. If you close Apple Mail, the automatic replies will not be sent out, but they will be once you open Apple Mail again and receive email messages in your inbox for the account selected in the rule.

There’s a particular behaviour in Outlook for Mac, that for several years I have thought was a bug. If you reply to an email, you often only get some of the text from the original email, rather than the entire email being copied into the reply. Like this:

This week (after having a Mac for almost 4 years) I stumbled across the reason. It turns out that if you select text in the original email, only that text is quoted.

The feature has been there since at least Outlook for Mac 2011 and is there still in the latest Outlook for Mac. Certainly different behaviour to Outlook on Windows.

Replies For Mac Shortcut

Unfortunately there is no way to disable the feature, so something to look out for in the future, now that I know what the cause is.