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Virtual PC 6 puts a Start icon in the Dock that you can click on to bring up the Windows Start menu. Backing up Virtual PC drives used to be a headache, as you had to back up the entire drive image. Virtual PC 7 is the last supported Mac version, as it was never updated to support Intel-based Macs. Virtual PC for Windows edit edit source Virtual PC 2004 is the first version available free of charge from Microsoft. Virtual PC 2007 adds support for hardware-assisted virtualization, including AMD-V.

Windows Virtual PC(WVPC or WinVPC) includes Windows XP Mode (XPM)

Check your BIOS before you start the installation!

VPC7 requires hardware virtualization support to run, Microsoft offers tools to check your system before you begin the installation: Windows Virtual PC: Configure BIOS

Installing unsupported OSes in Windows Virtual PC

Windows 98

Installation is similar once you get started and you can use my VPC2007 TechRef for the actual OS installation. See this PDF for VPC7 Win98 installation startup.

VPC7 is missing a virtual floppy drive, to install Windows 98, you'll need a way to boot your VM, partition and format the VHD before you can install Win98. I've made an ISO of my Win98 boot floppy. Download here: win98seboot.iso in ZIP format.

Windows NT

Installation is simpler than Win98 above, assuming you have a bootable Windows NT 4 CD. Installation PDF

ISO for NTSP6 and IE6 for NT* Rename from .zip to .iso. The file is not zipped, ISO extensions are blocked by my hosting provider. This ISO may be removed at any time at the request of Microsoft.

Virtual PC (legacy)
What works and doesn't work in VPC 2004( and generally in VPC 2007)

Virtual PC 2007 Tech Ref v0.5 (PDF)* Includes Windows 98/NT/2K/XP installation instructions, CentOS install and other tips.

*Please right-click and select 'Save As' to save a copy locally.


VPC 4.x For Windows (4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.31, 4.32)

VPC 5.x For Windows (5.0, 5.1, 5.2)

CNTX/MS: VPC 5.2 (Rebranded for MS)


VPC 2004: Build 582

VPC 2004 SP1: 5.3.582.27

VPC 2007:

VPC 2007 SP1:

WinVPC: 6.1

Plan on using Windows 95 with VPC 2007? Make sure you get or keep a copy of the VPC2004 Additions. No Windows 95 VM Additions are included with VPC 2007. See more details here: Why won't the Virtual PC 2007 Virtual Machine Additions load on Windows 95- -VPC Guy Ben Armstrong, VPC Program Manager, explains in his blog.

Extracting files from the Virtual PC installer-How to get the Win95 VMA if you've already uninstalled VPC2004

VPC2004SP1 Additions Download--If you can't get them anywhere else, here's a ZIP. This is a 12MB file, please don't download it more than once.

VPC 2007 SP1 Additions Download--if you can't get them from MS, here's a ZIP, 21.6MB download.

Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 Additions Download--if you can't get them from MS, here is a ZIP, 23MB download.

Windows 98 ready VMC and VFD: Partitioned and formatted, includes a Win98 EBD. Just add your Win98 ISO/CD-ROM, License key and go. (If you have VPC-Mac, use the one in the Mac section)


Windows 98 Emergency Boot Disk (Win98EBD (ZIPped) - just the VFD

VPC-Win 5.2 Tech Ref v1.3(ZIPped PDF) Its full of relevant info for VPC, while I wrote it for 5.2, a huge amount of it is directly, or almost directly usable with VPC2004. Please note that some modification necessary to use guides for VPC2004, for example, VPC2004 does not create pre-formatted disk images so you must pre-format a Win9x/DOS VHD before you can install the OS.

Compare my Differencing Disk diagram (p18 in the TechRef) to the one in the Virtual Server Admin's guide (under Using Diff. Disks). (My original Word doc of this was created Dec 10, 2002 ;-) )

Emulated Intel 21140a Drivers (Intel 21143) --DOS Drivers are here! *Link to Intel's Website*

( DOS drivers NDIS2 Unified 21xxx driver v3.0 )

Windows 3.11 S3 Video Drivers referenced in the Tech Ref(

Linux Additions for Virtual Server Now Available for download - these have been reported to work under Virtual PC for Windows as well.

Virtual Server 2005 R2SP1 Enterprise Edition

Linux Additions for Virtual Server Now Available for download

Sample Scripts from previous releases of Virtual Server

HowTo: Enable VMRC/Disable 15 Minute Idle Disconnect ( PDF - text only - with screenshots )


Windows 2008 with Hyper-V now available.

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) now available

VM Ware Workstation- VPC's main competitor, the perfect choice if your host OS is Linux or BSD based, 7.1 now available. I like it, especially when using Linux VMs.
VM Ware Server - Free full version 2.0 now available!
VM Ware Fusion - Intel Mac VM offering

VirtualBox 4.0 now available for download. Lots of new features, x64 VM support, plus it's free!

Parallel's has finally released an update to the Workstation 2.2, now it's Desktop 4.0. Super-easy Linux VM Tools installs

MS has ended VPC-Mac's long and thanks for the memories!

IMPORTANT!! VPC for Mac does not work on Intel Macs

Windows 98 Ready VM for VPC7, similar to the one for VPC200x above. You need a Windows 98 CD and license to finish the install (The VM is configured to boot to C:, and has CD-ROM drivers already loaded for a pain-free Windows 98 install) This won't work with the Win98 included with older versions of VPC.

Garmin and VPC Configuration Info-please don't email me or the author of this for tech support, as you won't receive it from either of us, this is provided as a reference ONLY.

VPC4 to VPC6 Info(Word DOC) Migrating from VPC 4 to VPC 6.

Windows 98 Emergency Boot Disk (Win98EBD) as referenced in the VPC6 PDF(

Virtual PC 5.0.4 Updater - (.sit format) this requires an earlier version of VPC5 installed.

Virtual PC 4.0.2 Updater - (.sit format) this updater requires an earlier version of VPC4 to be installed.

Using Windows from VPC6 with VPC7 (PDF)

VPC 200x Precompactor.exe to zero VHD before compacting (ZIP) --Use instead of Eraser, extract the zip file and run in Windows after you defragment and before you compact.

Parallels Desktop for Intel Macs

(The content in these *PDFs is mine or mostly mine, but is technically not owned by me, as I was employed by Connectix during their creation.) All other content is created and owned by me and may not be modified, redistributed, etc. without prior consent from me.
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Available since Windows 8, Hyper-V Client cannot properly virtualize any OS older than Windows XP, that's why I wrote that tutorial.
Contrary to what Microsoft claims, it's possible to use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 on a computer running Windows 8!
Update : that guide seems also to work on Windows 10 x86 (32-bit)
1) Download Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 with Service Pack included (version 6.0.192) on this URL: Virtual
31/01/2019: unfortunately, Microsoft has removed it from its server... Get it back again thanks to my mirror > 32-bit64-bit
2) first obstacle: Windows 8 blocks the installation process as soon as you click on the installer... It's easy to bypass: rename the installer to anything else.
3) After the installation, the same blocking appears when you launch Virtual PC. Go to the location where you installed the program (« Program FilesMicrosoft Virtual PC » on 32-bit systems or « Program Files (x86)Microsoft Virtual PC » on 64-bit systems) and rename the executable file « Virtual PC » to something else.
4) Now, the situation differs depending on the architecture of your operating system...
> if you use Windows 8 32-bit, you can already enjoy Microsoft Virtual PC 2007: despite the previous warnings, that hypervisor is already compatible with Windows 8 32-bit. You can continue the reading to update some components, especially if you actually use Windows 8.1.
> if you use Windows 8 64-bit, it's not over: if you stop the reading now, you'll understand why Microsoft stated that the older application is not compatible with Windows 8... By starting any virtual machine, you eventually get that BSOD!
5) The previous screenshot (from Windows 8 64-bit) mentions the vmm.sys file, it's the virtual machine monitor. This is definitely the problem. Go to WindowsSystem32 folder and search 'vmm.sys' > The exact location should be Windowssystem32Drivers but that depends on the language of your system.
6) Delete the current vmm.sys and replace it by a newer version, released in 2012. A such file is shipped with the « Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 ».
To save your bandwidth, here is a much smaller archive (345 Kb) with the revised driver:
Download the updated vmm.sys
That archive contains two variants (32-bit and 64-bit). Obviously, you have to use the file intended for your system; you cannot use a 32-bit driver on a 64-bit system or the opposite! In case of mistake, Microsoft Virtual PC no longer runs. To repair, replace the wrong version by the correct one; that may imply starting the computer into safe mode.
7) Reboot to load the newer vmm.sys: you can finally use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 8 64-bit!
To illustrate, here's a screenshot with two guest systems (MS-DOS and Windows 95) both running inside Virtual PC on a Windows 8 host.
Further information
(A) Hyper-V can coexist with Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 on the same physical computer. It's even possible to run them simultaneously. The next screenshot proves it: you haven't to choose between these two pieces of software. You can enjoy the one without giving up the other!
(B) Given the previous modifications, DO NOT apply the security hotfix for Microsoft Virtual PC on Windows 8 64-bit (KB969856, available though Microsoft Update and Download Center)! Why? Because that hotfix replaces the original vmm.sys by another released on april 2009, thus a file older than those from Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1. Consequently, that fix doesn't apply to that operating system. If you upgrade vmm.sys to the newest version on Windows 8 32-bit, it's the same thing.
(C) You can possibly upgrade Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 to the latest revision (6.0.210). Please note you may have to rename the executable file again after applying the Rollup.
The installation of Rollup is normally done on Windows 8.0 but it turns out problematic on Windows 8.1.
> On Windows 8.0 (32-bit and 64-bit): the official installer perfectly fits. Link:
29/12/2017: unfortunately, Microsoft has removed the rollup from its server... Get it back again thanks to my mirror > 32-bit64-bit
> On Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit): it's strongly recommended to read the next section.
Specific problems of Windows 8.1
2007Although being free for Windows 8 users, Windows 8.1 is far from being just a Service Pack: with a revised user interface, an updated kernel (from NT 6.2 to NT 6.3) and many other extra features, it's truly another operating system. However, there are additional problems with some pieces of software, including Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. Luckily, there are solutions!
Important: Windows 8.0 users don't need to read the following explanations, which apply to Windows 8.1 only.
It's basically the same as Windows 8.0. See the above « procedure ».
Stuttering mouse cursor

Ms Virtual Pc 2007

Windows 8.1 differently treats the mouse input. While most programs work as good as before, it's not true for Virtual PC: the mouse strangely behaves inside Microsoft virtual PC. That bug occurs only if the pointer integration is disabled. However, it's simply impossible to enable it on any guest system older than Windows 95/98; that means running an unsupported OS (like Windows 3.1) become painful. Don't worry: there is a tip for EVERY virtual machines!
1) Download KB2908279. Since that issue appears on several games too, Microsoft released a specific patch:
> Windows 8.1 32-bit : ... x?id=40910
> Windows 8.1 64-bit : ... x?id=40909
Apply it and reboot your computer.
Virtual2) By default, that patch takes effect only on some popular games but Microsoft explains how to add another program on the list. You guess that's the procedure to resolve the annoying bug on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. Firstly, run Registry Editor (regedit.exe). Ignore the UAC if warning.
3) Go to the following key and display the content of « Layers ». If the key doesn't exist, create it.

Virtual Pc For Mac Download

Virtual Mac For Pc

4) Inside the « Layers » key, create a new string value. For its name, specify the complete address of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 executable file. For example, if the host operating system is Windows 8 64-bit and it's installed on C: drive, the value name should look like this:
C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Virtual PCVirtual PC.exe
The exact address depends on the configuration of your computer! You must take into account the actual name of executable file.

Virtual Pc 2007 For Mac Windows 7

5) In addition to name, you have to modify the data of that string value. Enter NoDTToDITMouseBatch
6) It isn't over! Open a command prompt with administrators permissions

Microsoft Virtual Pc For Mac

and run the following command:
7) Reboot the computer. Now, the mouse cursor normally behaves inside all virtual machines, even ones without the Additions.

Virtual Pc 2007 For Macbook Pro

Installing Rollup
While the latest version of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (6.0.210) can be installed without any problem on many system hosts, from Windows XP to Windows 8.0, it's starkly a different story on Windows 8.1!
During the installation, the Rollup redefines the configuration of virtual network card driver. It's quite normal since that update improves NAT shared network performances. Oddly, that uninstalls virtual network card driver on Windows 8.1 (that doesn't happen on earlier versions of Windows, including 8.0). As a result: after applying Rollup, it's no longer possible to directly connect virtual machines to a physical network card and thus manage them exactly like other physical computers. To make matters worse, on Windows 8.1 64-bit, you cannot uninstall Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 from Control Panel after applying the Rollup! Windows 8.1 32-bit is not affected by the uninstall bug but it is about the Rollup installation.
What are you supposed to do? My piece of advice is don't use a Virtual PC version higher than 6.0.192, the extra features of Rollup are cool but not essential. If these improvements are important for you, manually replace two older files by updated ones. It's enough to enjoy full screen on 1920x1080 monitor without uninstall virtual network drivers.
Download the updated files (from 6.0.210), in two variants (32-bit and 64-bit)